Letters to the Editor

Letter: Use funds to help workers

I have been reading with dismay your series about a worker shortage on Hilton Head Island. The Aug. 14 story on the transportation issues was truly enlightening.

Here are people who want to work, while hotels, restaurants and stores are desperate for help. How many of us would spend five hours a day traveling to a minimum-wage job? How many would get up at 4 o’clock every morning to catch a bus, not to return until 8 p.m. or later?

A proposed 1 percent sales tax hike has been discussed for all sorts of “pie in the sky” projects, including a new arts center, which is certain to become a permanent tax liability. I, for one, would gladly vote for a sales tax increase to improve transportation for these workers.

Why not help them by giving them a chance to earn a decent wage without the onerous travel, and help ourselves as well by providing much-needed manpower for jobs on the island?

Ginny Storin

Hilton Head Island