Letters to the Editor

Letter: Quit with the anti-Trump propaganda

I always begin my day with all of the anti-Trump propaganda afforded us by this newspaper. There is no shortage: from the editorials, bylines, letters to the editor, political cartoons, and those wonderful articles by “journalists” from The Associated Press and The Washington Post. Why not have some articles from The Wall Street Journal or The Washington Examiner?

I found a recent column by Kathleen Parker to be a great example of what garbage we are getting from the so-called journalists. Without referencing the entire article, which discusses Trump as a “head case,” but does not mention Hillary’s admitted “short-circuit,” I would just like to zero in on her last paragraph: “... the fact that Trump is to be provided classified information and by the possibility that he could become president of the United States.”

Isn’t this incredible — to speculate that Donald Trump could not be trusted with classified information? We already know what Hillary did with classified information. That is a fact. Just ask the FBI director. And now there is a possibility that those same e-mails could have contributed to the hanging of an Iranian spy? Where is the story about that, since we are speculating now?

Please, can we stop with the vigilante, out-for-blood reporting? Stick to facts, and let the people decide for themselves.

Barbara Barker

Hilton Head Island