Letters to the Editor

Letter: ‘Reality show’ does have an ending

Donald Trump is a very happy man. He is the star of the TV reality show, “I’m Running for President.” The story follows him in the Republican primaries where he was considered an underdog. He fought his way to the Republican nomination for president by being very unconventional and saying outrageous and insulting things about his opponents. People attending his rallies and the media loved it.

The show is still running strong on TV but now he is the official Republican nominee. He is the center of attention of the media, professional politicians and the Republican Party.

The show has all of the characteristics of a gigantic hit. The underdog who beats up everyone in his way, says things no real politician could ever get away with, speaks in a crude way that respectable people would never do, and is totally unpredictable. People can’t wait to find out what wild, improbable thing he will do in the next episode. The show plays nearly every day on most of the cable news channels, and as always, Trump is the star. When the show is playing, ratings are sky high.

The funny thing is that everyone believes that this reality show is real life. Having been initially skeptical of Trump’s show, Republicans now find themselves unwilling participants, not sure what is real and what is fantasy. The facts are that they are stuck with this reality show. It’s certain to be cancelled on election day, Nov. 8.

Terry Gibson

Lady’s Island