Letters to the Editor

Letter: Alljoy Road needs help for bicyclers

Traveling Alljoy Road in Bluffton by bicycle is no joy ride.

Since the Alljoy community was connected to Bluffton Parkway via Foreman Hill Road several years ago, the volume of traffic and the speed of travel have increased dramatically. Added to the normal quantity of wide, fish tailing boats, peddling a bicycle, walking or running along Alljoy Road is a dangerous experience.

Riding alone on a quiet weekday morning recently, I was passed by a truck that was going above the speed limit of 40 mph while an oncoming truck was passing in the opposing lane. Rather than slow down until it was safe to go around me, the truck sped up and came within two feet of me, forcing me into the soft, impassable dirt.

I have observed that large pods of cyclists using the whole lane are safer because the overtaking vehicles are forced to wait until it is safe to pass.

Just last week a cyclist was killed when struck by a driver on the Cross Island Parkway. I think it is time for the county to make safety a priority and fund a designated bike trail along Alljoy Road before there is death or accident.

The “Share the Road” sign is only a Band-Aid. This road is no longer a quiet side street but a highly traveled thoroughfare.

Alice Fraser