Letters to the Editor

Letter: A broad fear of Trump

My wife and I recently returned from a short visit to Canada. We spent three days in Montreal, Quebec attending the “Just for Laughs” comedy festival and a couple of days in Maxville, Ontario, attending the Glengarry Highland Games — the largest gathering of the clans in the Americas, if not in the world, with more than 1,400 pipers and drummers on the field for the Massed Band finale.

Although the two locations are less than 100 miles apart, the people we meet represented two very different segments of Canadian society. In Montreal most of the people we spoke to were cosmopolitan bilingual English speakers and Francophones, while the attendees at the Highland Games were rural farmers and small town residents, whose accents — if they had any — were Scottish.

Where signs of patriotism were not overtly evident in Montreal, the Glengarry Highland Games had sky divers beautifully displaying the Scottish, American, and Canadian flags as they floated down while the national anthem of each was sung.

What these very different Canadians share is a dread of the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the president of the U.S.

Frank Flaumenhaft

Hilton Head Island