Letters to the Editor

Letter: Editorial cartoon part of hateful rhetoric

You recently published an editorial cartoon defending Donald Trump for “targeting Muslims.”

Repeated over and over again, racist images such as this one, as well as hateful rhetoric from political leaders, tear us apart. They also injure innocent people.

Vicious stereotypes do not exist in a vacuum. One day after the cartoon appeared two Muslims — Imam Maulama Akonjee and Thara Uddin — were shot dead in Queens, N.Y., right after Saturday afternoon prayers at a mosque.

Given this tragedy, and increased hate crimes against America’s Muslims, those individuals who blatantly vilify a people should heed the wisdom of poet Maya Angelou. She reminds us that those using negative words and images to damage others also damage themselves, as these words and images “... stick on the walls, they go into the upholstery, they go into your clothes, and finally, into your very body.”

Jack G. Shaheen

Hilton Head Island