Letters to the Editor

Letter: How could anyone vote for Clinton?

“The election is over. Trump will lose by a wide margin.” That is, if you believe the totally biased mainstream media.

Their and the Democratic objective is to convince Republicans it is a waste of time to even bother voting and for Democrats to come out and vote to give Hillary an overwhelming mandate to push America even further left toward socialism.

Don’t be misled by these falsehoods.

Donald Trump’s demeanor gets people’s attention and no doubt the reason that he draws such huge crowds at Town Hall meetings. He is, this year, the ideal candidate to shake up the establishment in Washington, D.C.

While he does have a few negatives, they are the type that one would label “unpleasant but not harmful.” As far as I know Donald Trump is not responsible for the death of a single American. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s transgressions go back three decades and have cost many American lives. The list of her misdeeds are so long it would take a 700-word op-ed instead of a 250-word letter to list them all.

Please Google “The Clinton Scandals” to see for yourself. As to demeanor, former Secret Service men who worked in the White House during Bill Clinton’s term stated that she had the foulest mouth they had ever heard. Is that presidential?

Hillary Clinton is without question the most dishonest politician ever to disgrace the American political scene. How could any informed American vote for her?

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island