Letters to the Editor

Letter: State school decision nonsense

Once again, I am appalled at the decisions of school boards and others who introduce policies in our schools, which are detrimental to students and staff to appease the “politically correct” crowd.

Our State Board of Education has proposed deputy enforcement in schools only when behavior becomes “criminal.” Does that mean we have to wait until someone gets beaten or murdered before calling them in?

Cell phones have no place in schools. They distract students and teachers and inhibit learning. If the student in Columbia wouldn’t put away her cell phone when asked by her teacher as well as other school officials, and wouldn’t leave the classroom, she needed to be removed by the authorities. I would be curious as to how any member of the school board would have handled the situation had they been there. What about the other students who want to learn? How much learning went on that day?

Firing the officer sends the wrong message to students. He was called in to restore order in the class. If the student had to be pulled out of her seat, so be it. She defied all levels of authority in the school.

In my opinion, all school board members should be required to substitute teach one day each year. It might give them a dose of reality. What’s wrong with our state? What are we thinking?

Valerie Ford

Hilton Head Island