Letters to the Editor

Letter: Conscience prevents vote for Trump

My opinion differs wildly from a recent letter writer, but I will also vote my conscience.

I cannot vote for a pathological, congenital liar, for a person who disparages anyone and everyone who differs from themselves: Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Jews, women, members of the judiciary, Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, Republican and Democratic members of Congress, immigrants, the media, veterans, Gold Star mothers, the poor, other billionaires, U.S. allies and their leaders, U.S. creditors and their leaders, current and past U.S. presidents and vice presidents.

There isn’t enough space to list all Donald Trump has disparaged, all while he brags about being a great uniter.

I cannot vote for a person who embraces our enemies, Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin, while engaging in a treasonous act of encouraging Russia to hack and meddle in the U.S. presidential election.

I cannot vote for a person who claims he is for working families and middle America while his bankruptcies, non-payment to small contractors and off-shoring his products have claimed thousands of jobs.

I cannot vote for a person whose fraudulent “university” costs thousands their life savings, or for a person engaged in more than 3,500 lawsuits because of a cheating, lying character or lack thereof.

I cannot vote for a person who boasts of his infidelity to his first two wives and the wives of others.

My conscience says I cannot vote for person without a conscience.

Jay Hubelbank

Sun City Hilton Head