Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hilton Head arts venue raises serious issues

I wish to voice my serious concerns about a potential large cultural center on Hilton Head Island.

As for spending $200,000 on a feasibility study, I can give you a one-word feasibility study for far less money: No. By the way, is an expanded bridge in the Town Council’s plan to support all the extra traffic?

It’s a known fact our 350-seat arts center is not self-sustaining financially. Even with its consistently excellent productions, the theater is not always full.

Remember the wonderful musical events in Harbour Town on summer evenings years ago? Why did they end? Was it low attendance? Too much traffic? Too expensive?

In addition to the arts center, our island is blessed with the Lean Ensemble Theater, Ben Wolfe’s Savannah Summer Theatre Institute shows, outstanding high school and youth productions at Hilton Head Island High School and Main Street Theatre, the symphony orchestra, the choral society, and the Shore Notes singers.

It’s not as if we are starved for excellent and diverse entertainment. Part of the island’s charm is cultural events at intimate venues. While many performances are at full capacity, will it be the same if these performances are performed in a 3,000-seat amphitheater? And what will happen to our current theaters?

In short, we don’t have a large enough audience, nor the road capacity, to warrant a huge new cultural center on our small island. Not to mention the negative impact on traffic, our environment, increased security and higher taxes to pay for this grandiose idea.

Marcia Cornell

Hilton Head Island