Letters to the Editor

Letter: Why the new traffic debacle?

I just read your article on the Kittie’s Crossing Shopping Center debacle and can only say one thing: “Who’s idea was this one?”

What has happened to Bluffton? Building after building replacing our trees everywhere and now this accident waiting to happen. What’s next, a name change for our town?

My sympathy goes out to owners of the establishments whose daily customer flow has been cut off. Where is our so-called transparency in these matters from the powers that be?

Also, another big question about this traffic light. The community read umpteen articles regarding the St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church light for years, and the reason it could not get one, yet now we read that a traffic light will be placed here, in an area that is right on top of another traffic light at U.S. 278. What happened to restrictions on this? Has it been thrown out the window? Why?

Hopefully, all those involved in creating this debacle will examine everything, starting at square one, and follow through with a more community-friendly and safer idea in the very, very near future.

Carol Lubnik