Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ask the taxpayers first about arts venue

Hilton Head Island Town Council does it again — $200,000 to seek help from consultants on the proposed new arts venue.

Before spending money on consultants, I would have thought they would have done a referendum of taxpayers to see if they would want such a venue in the first place and if they would be willing to support it with tax dollars each year.

The current arts center needs taxpayer support each year; imagine what a bigger, greater one will cost. Besides the initial cost, there will be repairs and maintenance to be paid for.

Council seems to act without proper taxpayer input or research. Note the collage at the south end without a traffic study first; note the garbage service fiasco of several years back. The traffic problems at the south end near Sea Pines were well known but were ignored. Proper research was not done and the garbage fiasco resulted.

Can someone explain why Council would spend $200,000 of taxpayer money without knowing if taxpayers would support a expensive arts venue in the first place? Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

Charles F. Lenzinger

Hilton Head Island