Letters to the Editor

Letter: Build worker housing on USCB site

Based on the stories run in your publication regarding the lack of workers on Hilton Head Island due to the lack of housing, it would seem logical to re-purpose the island land now designated for a USCB campus to housing.

While I am not an architect, it would seem the land would accommodate 400 to 500 housing units in a mid-rise setting, along with parking and recreational facilities for the renters.

Local housing for Hilton Head workers would make Hilton Head far more competitive with the mainland than at present. Given a choice, a worker is going to take a job with the same wage if it is closer to his place of living. Commuting time and expense is an unpaid cost of employment.

The satellite hospitality-management campus never did make any sense. No foundations have been poured, so there is still time to consider better options, so long as there is the political leadership and will to do so.

Warren Barnett

Hilton Head Island