Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump stumps the chumps

To all those Republicans and Fox News fans, let’s do some fact checking.

From Eisenhower’s McCarthyism to Nixon’s Watergate, to Reagan’s Iran/Contra scandal to Bush/Cheney’s invasion of Iraq based on lies, to the worst recession in history, the GOP is the party of corruption.

The Benghazi attack that killed four Americans was not rare. Just in the Bush/Cheney administration alone, there were 13 attacks and 60 killed in our embassies abroad. Yet, not one congressional hearing, not one blame placed on any one person, nor was there any special committee questioning the Secretary of State of that time, nor was there any FBI investigation. That’s amazing.

Now we have Donald Trump, who alone has stumped the entire Republican Party with his unconscionable rhetoric and lack of substantive promises. The “Party of Lincoln” has fallen to its knees and the same members who tried to stop him are, one by one, endorsing him. Talk about flip-flopping.

The only conclusion about the followers of Fox and the Republican Party is they lack reasonable intelligence and common sense by believing in what Trump has said and how the party is folding beneath him. The misinformed have been misinformed by the misinformer. Trump stumped the chumps.

Lucien Piccioli