Letters to the Editor

Letter: School board should get rid of Moss

It is apparent that superintendent Jeff Moss has, let’s say, stretched the truth about his wife applying for a position with the Beaufort County School District after he changed the nepotism rules (that’s another story that has been changed but not corrected).

The Beaufort Gazette put his indiscretions in order, from changing nepotism rules, his hiding the attempted hire, hiring his spouse, then her quitting after a firestorm from the people of Beaufort County. His “I did nothing wrong” attitude and only apologizing (half-heartedly) to the school board — not the people who pay his salary — is unacceptable.

The school board could hit a home run by getting rid of Moss. There must be something in his contract that states unethical acts will warrant his dismissal (he admits to this).

But school board chairperson Mary Cordray and her cronies will allow Moss to stay on and probably give him a raise. But at what cost to the credibility to both him and the school board?

The voters of Beaufort County will finally have a voice come November; there is some new blood vying for school board seats.

Until the board gets its act together, I and many of my friends and family will vote “no” on any sales tax for Beaufort County schools. I voted for the last two referenda but with this board’s dysfunction, and we cannot get past the smell test.

Frank Martin Jr.