Letters to the Editor

Letter: Republicans living in a bubble

They know Hillary Clinton is guilty but they haven’t been able to find a competent Republican prosecutor that is capable of bringing intelligent, factual charges against her.

The comic Bill Maher claims such Republicans live in a bubble. In that bubble they create their own delusional reality. Donald Trump is in that bubble. He claims climate change is a hoax, coal is a clean energy source, and he knows better than our generals how to fight our enemies.

Mike Pence is in that bubble. He chastised the president for referring to Trump as a demigod and stating there is no place for name-calling in politics. Where has he been this past year with Trump’s little Marco, lying Ted, crooked Hillary, and referring to some women as ugly pigs?

Bill O’Reilly is in that bubble. He claims the slaves who built the White House had it pretty good. They were well fed and had a place to sleep. He must also believe people were waiting in line to sign up to be a slave and receive those benefits.

Workers who believe Trump will support them are in that bubble. He will give them the same support he gave workers and subcontractors when he filed four bankruptcies and in effect stole money from them.

This is not a choice between Romney and Obama. Trump is a dangerous, self-serving, egotistical individual, and demigod is too nice a term. Do you trust the safety of your family with Trump holding the nuclear button?

Tony Amadeo