Letters to the Editor

Letter: Here’s what difference it makes

Obama’s justification for trading one soldier for five top terrorist commanders was that we never leave any American behind. Based on the foregoing and the Benghazi report, Obama should resign.

Four Americans were left behind and killed during the attack on our Benghazi embassy without making any attempt to save them. Their justification was they didn’t have enough time. They had seven hours and didn’t try. They claim that the order was given to send help but was later rescinded. This is one question along with several others that remain unanswered. Who rescinded the order, where were Obama and Hillary? Were they sleeping, playing golf, watching a movie? They could have been watching exactly how the attack was taking place in the war room.

When the Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden, we knew where all the top players were because the action was successful and photographs showing them in the war room were sent out globally and naturally Obama took credit for the accomplishment.

They lied claiming the attack on Benghazi was caused by a video. They knew this wasn’t true and yet Obama kept repeating the lie. Hillary continued the lie to the families of the fallen over their coffins that the attack was caused by a video. Hillary asked “what difference does it make.” The difference is that the lie was due to blind ambition, and it was only 56 days to the election and they wanted the American people to think terrorism was under control.

Vince Sgroi