Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kudos to Stewart on parking idea

As a longtime downtown merchant, I have been waiting 25 years for a parking deck in the core commercial area of Beaufort.

Hats off to Dick Stewart and 303 Associates for finally taking steps to make this happen. At the recent public presentation, he shared conceptual renderings of what the structure would look like and its capacity. While the “mass” is big out of necessity, it is only roughly 32 feet high, allowing for an additional floor should the city, perhaps, wish to participate.

The design of this structure, namely its exterior skin, is intended to make the building as unobtrusive as possible. In any event, it will be more pleasing to look at than the asphalt parking lot that is there now.

With respect to public parking, with 500 spaces there will likely be substantial excess capacity available most of the time to accommodate visitors/tourists and downtown employees both.

This project promises to be the most significant contribution to the vitality of downtown Beaufort since Henry Chambers built the Waterfront Park, and even that stirred up some controversy at the time.

Roger Blackstone Alley