Letters to the Editor

Letter: America in trouble, but what’s the solution?

That government is best which gives its people freedom — the freedom to experience the full consequences of their own behavior. That government is worst which seeks to insulate the people from those same consequences — and simply proves that it cannot.

If we give everyone food, even those who will not work, soon that gift of food will lose its value and something else will replace it — something probably more destructive to the society: drugs, crime, violence, hate.

The trajectory of human morality disconnected from consequences is very scary to contemplate. We’re traveling down that very steep, very dangerous road right now. It’s the road of no reality.

Our government officials have become corrupt and selfish, our political system has become corrupted, the rule of law does not apply to those in power, our society now rewards bad behavior and punishes good behavior, and America has ceased being a constitutionally-limited republic based on liberty and free enterprise and is now a fascist combination of socialism and crony capitalism.

There, I’ve said it all in less than 175 words. We get the idea. What is the solution? What really needs to be done to fix it, if it can be fixed at all? That’s what I want to hear about now. Enough with pointing out the obvious, for crying out loud.

Steve Dickler

Hilton Head Island