Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump greater threat than ISIS

Donald Trump is a pathological liar and textbook demagogue, a narcissistic bully and con man ill suited to the demands of the presidency of the United States.

This divisive racist and misogynist has a childish temperament and demonstrates a stunted emotional development akin to a 5 year old child ... remember his “He started it” reply regarding Marco Rubio? Or his thin-skinned response to criticism from the parents of Humayun Khan, the American soldier killed in Iraq, claiming it was a “vicious attack” upon him, and that they had “no right” to to question his familiarity with the Constitution.

At least this boorish blowhard had enough sense not to diminish Humayan’s sacrifice in the manner he did with John McCain, calling the man a loser because he was captured after his plane was shot down and he refused preferential treatment as a POW in Vietnam.

Does this sound like someone who will have the back of the men and women in uniform? Do you want a commander in chief who makes derogatory remarks about a Gold Star mother? Who calls making billions (allegedly), and living large, a sacrifice that equates to a mother’s loss of a child in defense of our country?

The man has no shame, no moral compass, and poses a greater threat to democratic institutions than ISIS.

Hal Cherry

Hilton Head Island