Letters to the Editor

Letter: Politician should ride with police

State Rep. Todd Rutherford was quoted in your paper as saying he has had enough of police shooting into cars.

My first observation is that he is a liberal Democrat.

To begin with, police are usually at a disadvantage when they stop a car. They have no idea of the state of mind of the person or persons in that car.

The second disadvantage is many cars have tinted windows and the officer cannot see in the car while the people in the car can see out.

The above reasons do not imply that the officer has the right to shoot.

I would suggest Rutherford ride in a police car for a week or so to help advise how to handle different situations. He could be right, but does not have the experience to judge. While Rutherford claims to know when a police officer should not shoot, he makes no claim to know when a police officer should shoot. Why is that?

Jack Cafferty