Letters to the Editor

Letter: No quick fix in complicated world

It is human nature to want a quick fix for a problem: the child misbehaves, hit him/her; radical group kills innocent people, bomb them. But most problems involving people do not lend themselves to simple solutions that often lead to unintended consequences. The child who is hit will hit others; bombing kills innocent people and enrages the people, which leads to more killing.

Complicated situations in society like the rise of violence from radical religions, the preponderance of drugs and guns, the spread of disease and poverty, do not lend themselves to simple solutions as a wannabe dictator like Donald Trump might promise to solve “very quickly.” Huge problems require careful study and planning and solutions require many years, even decades, to take effect. Some big problems also include reforming Social Security and Medicare, improving our prison system, and income inequality.

Hillary Clinton has been a part of the negotiating process and has become acquainted with world leaders for decades. She has traveled this country as well and knows from the state level to the White House what a big, complicated country she must govern. She is acquainted with the tremendous power America wields and has studied the problems in great detail. She will be a great president.

Anne C. Pollitzer

St. Helena Island