Letters to the Editor

Letter: Socialism sounds good, but does not work

This is a letter to younger voters, and especially those who supported Bernie Sanders and now Hillary Clinton.

Socialism is very tempting. They speak of social justice, equality, free schooling and medical care. Socialists talk about how the rich are exploiting the poor and if you will vote for them they will correct all of those inequalities, and the world will be a fair and wonderful place.

I know that it’s tempting because when I was young in the 1960s we were fighting for civil rights and many of us were against an unjust war in Vietnam, and what the socialists were saying then, as now, sounded much better than what the establishment was saying, and we believed them.

As time went by and I got out into the world of work and, for a time, the military, I began to understand that in the long run socialism or communism has never worked and it never will. Sooner or later socialists run out of other people’s money, and when that happens most of the people are far worse off than they were before. The only people who prosper are a handful at the top. Think Greece, France, Italy, and Cuba.

If you want to see a very recent example look at the past few years in Venezuela. Look at the country before socialists took over, and see what is happening today. This could be your future. You’re never wrong to question the status quo, but look before you leap.

Jim Dickson

St. Helena Island