Letters to the Editor

Letter: Mainland best shot for arts venue success

Apparently one of the venue ideas for the proposed Hilton Head Island arts center is to put it on Jenkins Island.

This is a really bad idea because Jenkins Island is already a huge traffic bottleneck for travelers to and from the island. There may be some relief in a year or so if the county makes some improvements to U.S. 278 there, but it makes no sense to fix one problem and then create an even bigger one at the same place. This idea is as bad or even worse than suggesting Honey Horn for the venue.

A preferable solution, to have a better chance of long-term financial sustainability for such a project, is to build something in the Bluffton/Okatie area, where there is plenty of land and access from not only Hilton Head and Bluffton, but also Sun City and Beaufort. That would be a more practical solution to draw support from a larger base for such a facility.

Carol Akers

Hilton Head Island