Letters to the Editor

Letter: ‘Hillary’s America’ a must-see

The rhetoric from opposing political sides is a lot about the corrupt and bloated government.

Race baiting and class division are being hammered as tools to obtain votes and to enrich.

Voters are seeing elitists blatantly break the law and get rewarded.

Dinesh D’Souza, an Indian immigrant to the U.S., was not rewarded. He was jailed for an offense that did not amount to a hill of beans. His real offense was to challenge Big Government and produce a documentary: “2016: Obama’s America.”

Released from a halfway house, and never willing to give up or give in, D’Souza has produced another blockbuster documentary, “Hillary’s America,” which is now playing locally. It is a factual production. It is not meant to convert but to inform. It’s indisputable worth has seen lines around the block at the premiere and audiences standing and clapping at the end.

This documentary is an opportunity for minorities, independent thinkers, parents and teachers, children and students to view a worthwhile and substantial endeavor by an immigrant who loves America and truth. It is well worth the time to see it.

Catherine Koncul

Hilton Head Island