Letters to the Editor

Letter: Walmart firings raise questions

I was disturbed to read in your paper on April 28 about a Mr. Frank Swanson being terminated by the conglomerate Walmart located in West Plains, Mo.

Swanson is 52 years old and disabled. He was employed by Walmart for 20 years. He was well regarded by Walmart shoppers for his smile and hugs.

I am writing this letter because my daughter, 60 years old, was recently fired by Walmart (here in Beaufort), which employed her since originally opening 23 years ago. The true reason for her termination and Swanson’s, I believe, is their age. Terminate the old and save on benefits.

Both Swanson’s and my daughter’s reasons for being fired were trivial, and the offense definitely did not rate such a harsh retribution. My daughter was offered a job with Walmart a month after being fired, but only part-time, and she would start as a new employee with no benefits. I attempted to arrange an appointment with Walmart’s human resources representative to hopefully arbitrate an amicable solution. Never received a response.

Two longtime, dedicated, loyal employees who depended on their jobs for their livelihood, were fired with no road of appeal. It seems to me profoundly suspicious. My daughter has filed numerous job applications only to be informed they could not hire anyone who has been fired. If anyone who reads this letter has experienced similar treatment please contact me.

Dan Gilmour