Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hilton Head council should have waited

I'm very disappointed that a majority on Hilton Head Island Town Council could not wait a short time before signing a contract with the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce.

I am very proud of Mayor David Bennett, who gave a detailed speech about why he wanted to go back to the drawing table and tweak a few items. The four council members who voted against Bennett should have listened to him and rethought their decision after he gave such an excellent view of his thoughts and questions concerning the contract -- especially since the vote was so close.

One council member said she made a few notes while listening to all the speakers. That person's speech appeared to have been written way before the 4 p.m. meeting. It was way too perfect and read from a prepared sheet, not from notes jotted down. Kim Likins knew her decision before any of the concerned citizens spoke.

And with so many citizens standing up and giving professional and personal opinions on why council should go back and tweak the contract, it gave even more reason to not move so fast in finalizing this.

It's a business deal. It's not that the chamber isn't doing a good job. I'm sure all the chamber people are nice, but many have been deceived and are just not educated on the difference between a properly run chamber, like the Greater Bluffton Chamber, and the real purpose and function of a designated marketing organization.

Cathy Hoagland