Letters to the Editor

Letter: Elected leaders must diversify the economy

I had a condo at Harbor Island 25 years ago. I loved Beaufort back then. But I have lived here since 2002, and my views have changed.

This is based upon the way Beaufort County is managed. I have come to the conclusion that the politicians of Port Royal, Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head Island and Beaufort County are managed by a bunch of rubes and fools. Now, these elected leaders are a reflection of the body politic. It is so sad that the people elected these leaders.

Do you know why there is no private economic development in Beaufort County? I know the answer. The powers-that-be do not want private economic development as there are four military bases in Beaufort County. Do not misunderstand me. I love the Marine Corps, but for a vibrant economy, there must be private economic development. To grow, we must have a change.

James Riddle