Letters to the Editor

Letter: Board must address superintendent issue

As much as the Beaufort County Board of Education may want it to do so, the issue with Superintendent Jeff Moss is not going to go away. I believe that the board needs to recognize and accept this reality.

Many people are going to continue to use the public comment portion of the board meetings to discuss their frustrations with the fact that basically nothing has been done to correct/remedy the behavior of the superintendent. And many, like me, will also continue to use letters to the editor in the local papers to vent our frustrations.

The board's apparent "blind eye" to this fact means, to me, that board members, especially the chairwoman and those who haven't spoken out on the issues, fully accept/condone the superintendent's actions. This is of major concern considering his direct role in the nepotism and his extremely poor judgment throughout the entire time period it has been discussed in the community.

I urge the board members to have a public meeting focused on the superintendent's actions and the board's actions to correct/discipline him. An acceptable alternative would be for the board members to meet privately in executive session and then read a statement at the next board meeting condemning the superintendent's actions and the punishment/sanctions the board is issuing as a result of it.

Only in this way will the public be able to appropriately assess the board's effectiveness and maybe move on to other pressing educational issues.

Michael F. Vezeau