Letters to the Editor

Letter: It's time for Congress to declare war on ISIS

Let us not misunderstand war. It is hell. It is vicious and brutal and people die. But also understand that there is and will be collateral damage.

Even as our military is being gutted, it is still the greatest fighting force with the best weapons on the planet and with military leaders who are the best educated and trained in all aspects of warfare.

We defeated, along with the Allied forces, the Axis powers in World War II, fighting on two fronts because our nation put forth the commitment, courage, patriotism and collective will to do so.

We need that now to defeat ISIS. We are at war and make no mistake ISIS is the Islamic State of Syria, a self-proclaimed nation. So let's have Congress declare war on ISIS and have the president show the leadership necessary to stand up and give the Joint Chiefs of Staff one order: "Obliterate ISIS." And let the military do what it is trained to do: Conduct this war using whatever means is needed to do so.

Islamic extremists are a cancer on our civilization whose sole purpose is to kill anyone who will not believe as they do. They must be exterminated.

Mitch Brach

Hilton Head Island