Letters to the Editor

Letter: Decision on mini-golf raises several issues

Concerning the Nov. 4 article, "Mini-golf course won't make cut for new Coligny Park," the Berry family has been compensated and the town owns the property, though the Berrys were surprised their mini-golf course isn't included in plans for the new park.

But there are three other issues with replacing mini-golf and the trees with the Sandbox Museum and a playground:

  • Possible conflict of interest. The chairman of the town's Circle to Circle Committee is also vice president of The Sandbox museum board. On first impression, his recommendation to remove the miniature golf courses in favor of The Sandbox museum is a conflict of interest.
  • Taxpayer financing of a private building. The Sandbox museum building apparently will be paid for out of the $20 million raised through the 10-year, $50 million extension of the town's tax-increment financing district on Coligny. This is a dedication of future public tax revenues for a private building.
  • Playground/museum/park vs. mini-golf. The Sandbox museum is for ages 0-8; the playground is for ages 3-14. Most people visiting a playground do not stay engaged with their kids but stand back and work their cellphones. The playground is a babysitter.
  • The mayor says it's over, meaning sadly, the miniature golf courses will be missed by many people of all ages in the daytime and evening, while the playground/park/museum will be used only by young children during the daytime.

    Joe Newton