Letters to the Editor

Letter: Public deserves better from the school board

I cannot believe that the Beaufort County Board of Education will not get its act together.

I understand Superintendent Jeff Moss is to be evaluated for the period of July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015, but that evaluation should have been completed by either the first but not later than the second meeting in July.

Four months later and there is still no evaluation, which is unsatisfactory. Blame completely falls on the chairman and vice chairman for not moving the agenda along.

Now to the new evaluation format (smooth move, chairman) that was approved during the recent board retreat.

It will not give credence on the issues of Moss' personal integrity, assuming responsibility for personal actions and responding appropriately to actions of others.

The dictator (Chairman Mary Cordray) is clairvoyant in that she will translate 11 board members' thoughts (give me a break) into one document for Moss' evaluation. Each board member is held accountable to his or her constituents, and their thoughts should be on record for all to see. No weasel-out clause should be acceptable.

This board has a few hard-working individuals who really care, and it is a shame that the few are getting grouped together with the others.

Cordray should note that the school board is not about her. The children of Beaufort County deserve better from a board member. She should resign immediately, for the Bluffton citizens deserve better.

Barbara C. Martin