Letters to the Editor

Letter: Leaf blowers start too early in morning

The Sea Pines landscaping is impressive and beautiful, but do they have to run the leaf blowers at 7 a.m. in Harbour Town? The blowers around Harbour Town are absolutely awful early in the morning.

I understand that the curb appeal in Sea Pines is of utmost importance, and I totally agree that the grounds should be well maintained, but couldn't they wait to run the blowers until after 9 a.m.? This is a vacation destination, after all.

Almost all of the people staying in Harbour Town are vacationers and don't want to be awakened to screaming blowers at 7 a.m., especially on vacation. Can you imagine saving up money and vacation time and going to Hilton Head Island for a week only to be awakened every morning at 7 a.m.? Awful.

I know of people who do not stay in Harbour Town anymore because of the early morning blowers.

Hopefully, Sea Pines will recognize that it is losing visitors and wait to start the leaf blowers until after 9 a.m., or even better, use rakes and push brooms to remove the leaves.

Leslie Curran