Letters to the Editor

Letter: Expensive roundabout wrong for Lady's Island

A roundabout costing $2.45 million as opposed to a stoplight costing $200,000 to $250,000 at Sam's Point Road and Holly Hall Road/Brickyard Point Road on Lady's Island is a waste of S.C. tax dollars.

A SCDOT traffic count in 2013 showed low numbers. Even traffic projections for 2015 and 2035 showed a maximum morning peak of only 96 vehicles and an evening peak of 48 vehicles making a left turn from Holly Hall Road onto Sam's Point Road.

Still, traffic on Holly Hall Road needs help in turning left onto Sam's Point Road during peak hours because of the volume of traffic heading south on Sam's Point Road. Traffic turning right from Brickyard Point Road has a "right lane keep moving" sign and no problem. Evening traffic turning right onto Holly Hall Road has no problem, and the traffic turning left onto Brickyard Point Road manages with the low volume of southbound traffic on Sam's Point Road.

I travel Sam's Point Road frequently, and think that the best solution is a sensor-based traffic signal that has left-turn green arrows and gives the Sam's Point Road traffic a green light 90 percent to 95 percent of the time outside of peak time.

SCDOT did not hold a meeting for input from the Lady's Island population. My discussions find residents opposed.

Emails for assistance to state Sens. Chip Campsen and Tom Davis and Reps. Shannon Erickson have gone unanswered. SCDOT is pushing this project, damaging Lady's Island.

Emil G. Meyers