Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bluffton citizens clear about top concerns

The best part of an election is meeting so many amazing people, and hearing the peoples' concerns.

I have walked many miles campaigning to be mayor of Bluffton, knowing it was a nearly impossible feat. Ninety percent of mayors are re-elected because people assume they are doing a good job or they would not have been elected in the first place.

The League of Women Voters worked hard in this election for its member Mayor Lisa Sulka. But so many people asked me why there was not one debate. I do not know. I certainly wanted one. Maybe the next election.

It is clear the citizens want pollution of the May River stopped, adequate parking, economic development, televised meetings, and affordable housing -- all very attainable needs, with hard work.

I will continue to be a voice on Beaufort County Council for the people, and I hope Bluffton residents will benefit from this election. Thank you for all the good wishes and encouragement.

Bluffton deserves the best.

Cynthia Bensch