Letters to the Editor

Letter: Clinton still gets media cover on Benghazi

Now that Hillary Clinton has been anointed as the Democratic candidate for president, the mainstream media has begun circling the wagons on her behalf. Case in point: Kathleen Parker's recent column in this newspaper.

I would first like to respond to her commentary regarding Sidney Blumenthal, who was a focus during part of the Benghazi hearings. What Parker conveniently leaves out is that due to a long record of questionable behavior, Blumenthal was actually banned by President Barack Obama from working in the administration. In spite of this ban, Clinton continued to reach out to him frequently as a trusted adviser regarding matters in Libya.

What does this say about a high-level cabinet officer who would prioritize his or her time in this manner; being very accessible to an individual who was banned from working in the federal government, while virtually ignoring an ambassador who was knowingly placed in harm's way? Is this fact not relevant to the American people?

The real stunner is Parker's assertion that the video that was initially blamed as the source for the violence in Benghazi, was to "buy time until the administration could figure out how to manage the crisis." Really? Unfortunately for Clinton, she was caught telling the truth until she was told not to. If the goal was to buy time, how does that explain that days after the attack, Obama was telling the same falsehood to the United Nations?

Ken Ahlers