Letters to the Editor

Letter: Political parties, media failing our democracy

Do political parties exist just for elections?

I believe our two parties are chiefly responsible for changing and developing laws that enable our society to progress and meet the needs of our people. Their current fixation on the next election has taken priority over this greater purpose. They have failed to remind themselves that in serving our nation they need to:

  • Understand and agree on the priority of the issues facing our society/country.
  • Understand and agree on the reality of these issues in terms of how our people and institutions are negatively and positively affected, how and why the issue has developed historically and the present status.
  • Agree on workable laws by compromising on party positions when necessary for the overall good of our people and nation.
  • In recent years both parties have failed us. Our parties also have a role in deciding on their own political practices and making changes when needed (e.g. election process).

    Most agree that change is needed in Washington, but we chiefly need more focus on educating ourselves on these priority issues. Instead, our news media is providing us with squabbling between candidates who frequently provide responses with little relevance to our nation's future and avoid the tough issues that divide us.

    I believe that our candidates and media need to develop debates that help educate us on their own and their party's positions on these priority issues to stimulate voting and replace growing indifference and outdated biases.

    Isn't this what our democracy promises?

    Walt Schymik

    Hilton Head Island