Letters to the Editor

Letter: Beware of social media outrage

How many incidents of confrontation leading to violence caught on smartphones to defy authority and promote anarchy are deliberately staged?

Wake up and smell the stink of the videos people are making and why they are making them.

We're living in an unsafe world when good police can't enforce the law without fear of unjust or unwarranted reprisal in every situation, when teachers can't have a defiant and disruptive child removed from their classroom so that others can learn, when a school administrator doing the job of enforcing the dress code of that school has to face a picture gone viral of the student in question.

I think I remember a time when I thought social media might be a force for good in the world, but now it's like a bad drug, and if we don't stop taking it, it will kill us. Oh sure, there are still people putting good stuff out there, but more and more often what goes viral has spurious intentions.

Marilyn Lorenz