Letters to the Editor

Letter: Look at qualifications, not the race or gender

A recent letter writer suggests that voters are inclined to vote for "firsts," such as the first black candidate or the first woman candidate, and therefore Republicans should nominate a woman for the 2016 presidential election, specifically Carly Fiorina, to counter the likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. I take exception to both his thinking and his politics.

I am a mature, white, independent (not party affiliated) voter who voted twice for Obama because, in my opinion, he was the better qualified candidate and better represented my views. I believe most of us did so for the very same reasons. Race had nothing to do with it.

Likewise, Clinton should not be judged, positively or negatively, for her gender, nor should Fiorina. Both should be judged on their merit. Clinton has been a worthy U.S. senator and secretary of state. Fiorina has no public service record and is a disgraced corporate executive.

There is still a year to go and much to be heard.

Susan Roman

Hilton Head Island