Letters to the Editor

Letter: Moss needs to have an honest evaluation

Beaufort County Board of Education, it's time to evaluate Superintendent Jeff Moss honestly.

That includes the section of his evaluation where he is judged on his ethical standards and personal integrity in all interactions. That includes the responsibility for "personal actions and responding appropriately to actions of others."

Let me help the board. Look at:

  • Changing the nepotism rule without board consent.
  • Hiring his wife for a position at $90,000-plus.
  • Denying he knew anything of her interest in the job.
  • Apologizing to the board (I've still seen nothing to the taxpayers who pay his salary) when he was caught. He may have made a mistake in judgment. You think?
  • That's four items we know of. So I ask school board members if they are going to have the guts and grade accordingly, or use their "weasel clause" to continue the practice of allowing members to choose not to answer any questions. Wow.

    Do school board members think the people of Beaufort County would not be watching or reading the paper to find out what they all were, or were not, doing?

    No annuity increase should be approved.

    Evaluate the superintendent appropriately. If he meets the clause in his contract to be terminated, then fire him. The board also has the control to entice the superintendent to resign if appropriate. We will be watching, and the board's actions will be judged at the ballot box.

    Frank Martin Jr.