Letters to the Editor

Letter: Prayer about football needs a mutual focus

Recent news about a high school football coach who prayed with his team before each game being suspended was disturbing.

Although my thoughts are subjective, they might be worth passing along for the consideration of both the advocates and the anti-prayer groups.

I've witnessed teams engaged in pregame prayer many times and hoped they were not asking to make sure they win the game -- hopefully by a lopsided score. In my opinion, the Lord would rightfully turn a deaf spiritual ear to such a prayer. If the team does win, the Lord had nothing to do with it -- being primarily in the habit of fixing souls, not games.

Hopefully, these kneeling athletes are rightfully asking that the Lord help them perform to the best of their ability, not to be injured and, yes, do the same for the opposing team.

Any prayer asking the Lord to fix the outcome of the game would be similar to asking the Lord to make certain that one has the winning lottery ticket while ignoring the needs of thousands of those in greater need.

My conclusion is this:

  • Do not pray to beat the opposing team.
  • Never pray that the Lord will fix the lottery in your favor.
  • If either of these happen, it will be by chance alone.

    Tom Everingham