Letters to the Editor

Letter: Liberty is the answer in a polarized nation

This writer is almost daily surprised at what people are willing to believe.

It's as if "cause and effect" is no longer a topic for discussion at school. It's like "the greatest good for the greatest number" is a topic yet to be discovered. What's even more discouraging is that people want people of differing beliefs to be treated as criminals. This belief seems more prevalent among the progressives rather than tea party members.

Evangelical Christians cannot find common ground on issues of gay marriage, abortion and pornography, yet these differing people must live together in our country. How is this possible with the least amount of social discord? Liberty is the answer.

Have your abortion but don't make me pay. Marry who you want but don't force me to bake a cake or send you a present. With liberty, each viewpoint gets maximized to whatever is possible with minimum possible acrimony.

With 300 million citizens in our country, issues of differing beliefs will abound. Broadly speaking, the respect for the rights of others and the belief in liberty are the answers to most of the problems caused by dissimilar beliefs. Try, also, to be realistic since everything comes at a price. Vote for liberty. It's the answer.

Peter Zych

Hilton Head Island