Letters to the Editor

Letter: Accident prevention should be high priority

Beaufort County Council should do some soul searching regarding the recent fatal crash at Pinckney Colony Road and U.S. 278.

U.S. 278 in Bluffton was widened to three lanes in each direction, with a speed limit of 55 mph at the intersection with Pinckney Colony Road. This couple entered U.S. 278 and crossed three lanes before trying to turn left (east) at a busy time of day. What is the excuse for lack of a traffic light?

This intersection is one example of accident prevention being a low priority.

Another is the bridge connecting Bluffton and Hilton Head Island. Just visualize vehicles going 50 mph over the bridge while a vehicle towing a boat leaving the public boat ramp on Pinckney Island cuts across their path, attempting to turn left toward Bluffton. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Continuing on, let's not forget the intersection at Windmill Harbour with vehicles coming off the bridge at 50 mph. Work is being done to reduce the danger of crossing over U.S. 278 there, but reducing risk is not the same as removing it. A traffic light timed to accommodate traffic patterns will do that.

The days of Beaufort County being rural are long gone.

County Council encourages visitors and their money to come to this beautiful place. How about using some of those dollars for their safety too?

Stephen T. Mangiaracina

Hilton Head Island