Letters to the Editor

Letter: Drainage job needs a long-term solution

In Monday's Beaufort Gazette, there was a news article concerning drainage, erosion and the embankment on First Boulevard in Beaufort. The repair seems to have been done well, but it is a Band Aid to a larger issue.

The high water levels, drainage and erosion is a result of a 5-foot diameter pipe under the Spanish Moss Trail that feeds Battery Creek water to more than one tidal pond, including the pond at Battery Creek Road and First Boulevard. The water coming through that pipe on king tides also floods a number of yards of homeowners adjacent to the tidal ponds and puts extra stress on area drainage ditches.

A long-term solution would be the placement of a flood gate on that 5-foot pipe -- perhaps similar to the flood gate on Federal Street in the Point area.

Water levels are going to continue to rise in the years to come, and now is the time to address the big picture. The SCDOT and the city of Beaufort need to work together for solutions to this problem.

Jack Nietert