Letters to the Editor

Letter: Leave development to the private sector

I cannot agree more with the editors' view about the county using tax money to invest in a building to draw business to Beaufort County. Government has no business being in the rental and development business.

As an independent businessman and a taxpayer of Beaufort County, I am outraged at this use of taxpayer money. What does the county official know about building and renting office space that private developers do not? Their track record tells the tale of failure and waste of taxpayer money. When this building does not rent, I am sure that the county will suddenly have a need for more space, and the taxpayers will be expanding county government.

I thought this state was a conservative state that believed in smaller, more accountable government. A developer would not undertake a project like this without a signed contract guaranteeing funds to pay for it. Government has no business being in business.

Robert Olori