Letters to the Editor

Letter: New state website disaster for business

We spent three days attempting to submit and pay our South Carolina sales tax for the period ending Sept. 30. This task was finally completed after three hours of trying to maneuver through the new online, dreadful "MyDORWAY" program with muddy and vague instructions, error messages and absent servers.

We were thrown offline several times after a "15-minute" time limit.

I am a small-business owner, and for more than 20 years I have filed and paid my state sales taxes. Until the website was recently "updated," we had very few problems.

The new website is not user-friendly. Whoever approved, designed it or was paid taxpayer money should be confined to a rubber room with only bread and water for seven days, and required to repay the S.C. taxpayers for physician appointments for treatment of PTSD and late-payment penalties.

From my perspective, the S.C. Department of Revenue has four requirements: business name/ID, gross income, deductions and amount of tax due. I am one of many small-business owners and do not have time to waste trying to negotiate "MyDORWAY."

Lester Mashburn

St. Helena Island