Letters to the Editor

Letter: Enough is enough on US gun violence

When will this madness end?

Yet another shooting at a college for no reason except that the individual involved was able to obtain the means to kill people without too much trouble. The NRA has only one response ... "Guns don't kill people. People do." How totally stupid can anyone get?

As long as guns are virtually available, either through the open or closed market, this type of slaughter will continue. There seems to be no realistic control on who has guns, so why not control the ammunition that these things require to make them function?

I can hear the gun brigade saying that is a violation of my rights and the politicians, who need their votes saying, "It's not feasible." But something needs to be done to stop this ongoing carnage of innocent people day by day, week by week, year by year. At some point, the general public has to say in a very loud voice, enough is enough.

Our society seems to be drifting backward to the days of the Wild West with one exception: The dead are no longer the bad guys.

Geoff Wheatley