Letters to the Editor

Letter: Invest in schools rather than airport

The merger of US Airways reminds me of the old saying, what if they extended the runway and nobody came?

Perhaps our elected officials will take heed and realize that they are spending millions of dollars on a useless runway at the Hilton Head Island Airport. Or are they just puppets to the fat cats who just want convenience rather then traveling all the way to the Savannah airport?

To me, money would be better spent on bettering our schools and giving our teachers pay raises.

I don't want to bother you with statistics about the decline in filling the seats at the airport or the competition of lower, nonstop fares in nearby airports. That's already been established.

I'm just thinking of the future of Hilton Head. The only way to attract young people to the area is a great school system and jobs, none of which the airport can help.

So, someday when you drive down Beach City Road, look at the tumbleweeds rolling down the airport runway, and say, "What a waste." The sound you hear is the sound of money.

Larry Mianowski