Letters to the Editor

Letter: School board owes public an explanation

The ideas of human dignity and responsibility are gone.

Consider this last scandal concerning the Beaufort County Board of Education. But for two of the 11 elected school board members, they did nothing. They permitted Superintendent Jeff Moss to do as he wished in the hiring of his wife, bypassing all the stops, checks and balances. We had then-board chairman Bill Evans, a former principal of Hilton Head Island High School, letting this pass. Very disappointing.

The rest of the board members are still sitting on their hands, and Moss is still here. All the behind-closed-doors meetings accomplish nothing but increased mistrust.

The school board owes the taxpayers a full disclosure of the secretive meetings and the who, what, where and why of it all. If they're hiding nothing, they've got nothing to hide.

If this matter isn't resolved in a timely fashion, the entire board, with two exceptions, should be fired for incompetency, contributing to corruption, and lack of integrity in the performance of their duties.

This scandal must be resolved in order to restore trust in the school board members.

Lucien Piccioli