Letters to the Editor

Letter: Planned Parenthood is all about the money

Recent defenders of Planned Parenthood employed the ruse of starving children and botched back-alley abortions. Chief architect and strategist of the abortion movement, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, revealed that false information, catchy slogans and grossly fabricated polls were the norm in launching the lucrative business of abortion.

Nathanson, now deceased, said it was easy to fool the American public, and repeating big lies took root in America's consciousness. Despite killing 5,000 unborn babies, he later became an advocate for life. His book "Aborting America" and film "The Silent Scream" clearly defined the deception and horror of Planned Parenthood.

Carol Everett, former affiliate of Planned Parenthood and clinics owner, stated in her book "Blood Money" that "we did it for the money." Well-crafted language such as "rights, my body, choice, health care" duped the public. Extensive training in how to sell abortion to women reaped enormous bank accounts for Everett. Like Nathanson, Everett later converted to pro-life work.

Present CEO Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood makes more than half a million dollars annually. Combined CEO salaries for Planned Parenthood affiliates top $11 million. The abortion giant has engaged in at least $12.5 million in Medicaid and other fraud. All this from an organization that espouses to serve the poor.

The money allotted to Planned Parenthood is better spent exposing its absolute evil and promoting legitimate health care for women and children that does not sacrifice the defenseless.

Catherine Koncul